Socks In the Frying Pan (Debut Album)









1 The Finale (The Silver Spear/Franks Reel/Pachelbels Frolics) (Reels) 4.12
2 The Slipjigs & Reels (Song) 4.48
3 Shanes Newest (Once More/The Dog’s Miaow) (Jigs) 3.29
4 Aoife Johnston’s Freakout (John Brosnan’s/Johnston’s Freakout) (Polka/Reel) 3.20
5 Shady Grove (Song) 4.50
6 The Last Waltz (Gillian’s Waltz) (Waltz) 3.37
7 Bonny Light Horseman (Song) 4.55
8 The Halloween Set (Glenuaig Bay/A Lovely Madness) (Reels) 4.27
9 Lullaby of London (Song) 3.10
10 Foreign Lander (Song) 2.32
11 The Boop Set (?/?/The Bird in the Bush) (Jigs/Reel) 3.35
12 The Track for the Craic (Music for a found harmonium)– (Featuring ‘The Odd Socks’) (Reel) 4.28
Socks in the Frying Pan Album
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