“Socks in the Frying Pan, a simply stupendous new band from Ireland that has been at the top of my top ten list for a couple of months now”

Irish American News


“They remind me particularly of another Ennis based ensemble, early Stockton’s Wing not in line–up but in attitude and musical daring… a successful and highly promising debut.”

Irish Music Magazine (John O’Regan)


“Their Sound flows in magnetic, energetic waves, so does their banter on stage”

Irish Music Magazine (Derek Copley)


“This album qualifies them early for the New Group of the Year.”

Live Ireland


“Socks in the Frying Pan – whose singular musical ability and vocal talents mark them out most definitely as ones to watch for the future.”



“This is a great album by three extremely talented young artists. It has been awhile since we have enjoyed a new group as much as this.”

– Irish American News


“These boys add new proof to the argument that the best musicians come from Clare…This is seriously some of the best new stuff to come down the pike in awhile and I like it. I just hope the boys get some bookings in the area so I can see them live. Hint, hint, hint.”

Rampant Lion


“Outstanding music, great album and most definitely in this year’s top five, no mean achievement considering what a great year this has been for music”



“One of the country’s best young trad bands”

Clare Champion


“Well you won’t hear a better name than this and the music is just as damn good… It’s most
 definitely fresh and marks another potential album of the year in the making”

– Trad Connect


“When you listen to Socks in the Frying Pan, you quickly realize that traditional music in Clare has again received a fresh shot in the arm. The music on this recording is full to the brim with energy and with musical skills.”

Atlantic Weekly


“They wrap traditional Irish tunes in modern garments and spice them up with driving grooves”



“This band is oozing with untapped potential and we hope they get the opportunity to realise their potential on a greater international stage.”

Custys Music


“The album features a lot of high-energy playing, fancy ornamentation and frolicsome 

The Journal of Music